What is #BAMEed

 = Black Asian Minority Ethnic educators

‘A grassroots network aimed at ensuring our diverse communities are represented as a substantive part of the education workforce for teachers and leaders in education.’

Difficulties in recruiting diversely is not a new issue; it is not something that has never been talked about. There have been some programmes aimed at changing the visible face of education and there has been marginal gains.

Change is happening but needs acceleration.

This NEW network is an open invitation to ALL for action to diversify all aspects of education. The support is for the graduate seeking to make the step into teaching as much as the teacher trying to step into leadership. BAMEed will aim to help make the step accessible, fair & achievable.

This is an open network. We seek to learn from each other and actively include all ethnicities. Our mix of culture and identity in the network engenders the ideal that we seek to develop in education across the UK .


The number of schools that are able to recruit and maintain teaching staff, that are as ethnically diverse as our society, is very limited. While there are many underlying issues that lead to this outcome, the two most significant factors are:

  • the lack of BAME people entering into teaching careers and
  • the lack of support to ensure progress in those careers

This grassroots network is dedicated to changing this dynamic.


  • We believe that inclusive representation of the global community leads to long term benefits for our profession and the students under our care
  • We believe that inclusive representation among school leaders and decision makers widens the range of perspectives and hence improves ideas
  • We believe that social, economic and cultural differences should not be barriers to the careers in education
  • We believe it is everybody’s responsibility to critically examine their role in working towards substantive diversity in education.

Join us on this journey to drive change in education.

Find out more about the origins of BAMEed by reading this blog by @ASTSupportAAli.
For information about how you can get involved, click here.

2 thoughts on “What is #BAMEed

  1. David Rainford says:

    Dear Bameednetwork,
    I am a BAME teacher with 14yrs experience within an inner London school. I am now a member of my schools extended SLT the first of BAME decent to be represented on the team. I would very much appreciate any further support on my leadership journey from your organisation. Please let me know how I can get more involved.


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